Friday, October 2, 2009


Hi there one and all.....

Hope God has blessed each and everyone of you with a good life filled with love and happiness. As for me spending almost one week in Las Vegas was four (4) days too many. My sole purpose there was to compete in the Ms Olympia. I came back to Miami very tired having to recuperate from the time difference to and fro. We had a great line up of ladies and everyone was in shape but as you know we all have different body types and structures...I came in 11th place...I was very happy with my physique and I never worry or care for where the judges place me. I go into every show with a very positive attitude not having expectation of the placing because we all know that if you allow anyone to play with your mind it could spell destruction for some who are not very strong mentally. Now having said all of that I would like to let all my fans know that the 2009 Ms. Olympia was my last show...I am now retired. The reason for me retiring is not so much that I do not love and enjoy the sport of bodybuilding and getting on stage, I am not just satisfied with the criteria of the judging panel and wanting the women to come in skinner . They already have fitness and figure divisions....its BODYBUILDING for Christ sake, where conditioning and a complete package should be awarded. How can one be awarded for their conditioning if they do not have a complete package and certain body parts are lagging.
When the IFBB decided to have all the classes combined as one I was afraid that the judges would not know how to judge the short women against the tall women and with that in mind I did the NYPRO show in 2005 which was the last show for the two weight classes. I was a light weight and I was able to win my class and the overall. In doing so I said well maybe I was wrong about the judges and there is still hope for us short ladies but today I realized, I am not wrong about the judges...they still do not know how to judge the two classes as one so this is where I have decided to say good bye to the stage of competition but not to my weightlifting and staying in good shape and health.
I will still be very much in the bodybuilding field but just would not be getting on stage anymore.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support and hope that you continue to support me in my future endeavors.

God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

Always look within before you look to the surface and always try to see the end before the beginning!

God Bless


Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,

This is my first time reading and commenting on your blog. I am sorry that you have to retire after all those faithful years of hard work and training. I, too have noticed that most of the newer bodybuilders are getting lankier and lankier-something's wrong with that picture!

And female bodybuilders always get the worst end of it all for some odd reason or another. I would go further in detail on this matter but unfortunately time fails me at the moment.

I do wish you well in all your endeavors in the post-bodybuilding world. I'll be checking up on ya! said...

Hi there...thanks for your comment...there is nothing in it for us ladies anymore and its very sad to say...I love bodybuilding and competing but I refuse to let these people play with my mind. I keep things very real and because I refuse to get smaller I have no choice but to take myself off that stage. Its bodybuilding not fitness, figure and whatever the hell swim suit is?
Thanks for taking the time to drop your comment. its appreciated.
God Bless you and keep you safe

Anonymous said...

"because I refuse to get smaller I have no choice but to take myself off that stage"

hi rose
i am the boyfriend of jana linke-sippl..and you did hit the nail...
thats the same reason why jana didnt compete this year

Artoffbb said...

There seem to be plenty of fans of hard core female bodybuilding, I hope that someday soon some of them can set up a competition to rival the MsO, that rewards women for BODYBUILDING, that is getting as muscular, hard,ripped and vascular as they possibly can. I'd like to see that, if you check out my FB book page you can see that reflects in my artwork.

Stuart said...

Rosemary, will always be my champion! Beautiful both inside and out. In the eye's of anyone who really knows you and knows the hard work and dedication you have for the sport.