Friday, October 24, 2008

Enjoying my offseason part 2

Hello Everyone:

I want to take this time to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support which I am always appreciative. I am continuing to enjoy my off season but still staying as lean as I possibly can so that when December comes I will already have tapped into my pre contest and kept the stress to a bare minimum.
I sent in my request for an invitation to the Arnold Classic, Ms. International but I will not know if I am granted the invitation until the third week of December. So starting December 1, I will begin my diet in the hopes of being on that stage come March , 2009 with a more improved physique and some changes for the better.

Life could not be better and as we can see a big change has come to this America....the first time in 44 yrs that a black African American has been chosen to be the President of the United States of America...This individual in my book is a very intellectual and educated man with style and charisma who sees everyone as equal and not for the color of their skin, race or creed...we must all join together in helping him to make this America a more improved one where we and all our children will feel safe and happy to be a part of.

Boy had I forgotten what a root canal felt like....... I went to the dentist to get one root canal done and ended up doing two because they were right next to each other.......what an aweful experience........the actual work was not painful but when the anethesia wore off boy thats where the pain lasted for 3 days off and on and now finally on the fourth day I am back to I know not to have two done at one about me being a super woman ....LMAO.

Well Christmas is around the corner and with the economy the way it is I hope everyone still enjoy the holidays and give prayers for all the blessings that they have received and continue receiving. God is good all the time.....and all the time God is good....

Stay tune for more to come but in the meantime I leave you with love, peace, hope and prosperity.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Olympia - after thoughts

Hello Everyone:

I am now finally getting time to put up a new post..... this journey of professional bodybuilding is a MUST loved for any female who gets on that stage knowing that they have done all the hard work and not get awarded for it... My Olympia showing for me was the best showing ever and although I was marked down because of the muscle I possess in such a small frame I was completely happy with my body and that's what matters to me. A mind is a very serious thing to waste and as long as the IFBB organization is not consistent with their judging criteria I will not conform to what they idea of a female bodybuilder should be.

I had a very great experience at the 2008 IFBB Olympia and for me it was a sweet yet sad moment in that Steve Stone whom is known in the bodybuilding world as the man behind the scene, who takes very good care of the athletes backstage, while in his conquest to make the show a smooth and successfully operation had a heart attack and died....that did it for me and I did not want to continue at the evening show but then I thought he would not have wanted it any other way so Alex and I spoke about it and we came to the conclusion that I would do my routine in silence out of respect for Steve....It was a very sad anyone seeing my routine pictures at the Olympia and seeing my face sad knowing that I am always full of sunshine will know why I was not smiling.

After the Olympia I did several photo shoots so stay tune for updates of more beautiful, muscular and sexy photo in the members section of my website.

I will now enjoy my couple of months offseason before I start my preparation for the Arnold Classic, Ms. International which is scheduled fo March 6 to 9, 2009.
I want to thank all of you for being so supportive and encouraging.

God Bless